C. Sánchez Barcaiztegui, 39, Local 2

28007 Madrid

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Thinking of offering our clients the best real estate service, we continue to add innovative connection mechanisms, making cutting-edge technology tools useful, to continue carrying out the purpose of Soyka Group Management and Real Estate Services. Therefore, for your convenience, we have provided our online real estate advisor, who will have the ability to respond in a timely and immediate manner to each of your requirements, trained to provide you with accurate information about the services and proposals that we have in force. by the time.

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C. Sánchez Barcaiztegui, 39, local 2
28007 Madrid



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Learn about the advantages of using our online real estate advisor

Technology continues to cross borders and we, as a consolidated company in the real estate buying and selling sector, make this opportunity beneficial, adding improvements to our service, implementing very effective means so that you can connect with our purpose. Therefore, we have established some advantages for which you will have a reason to use the online consulting channel to learn a little more about our proposals, among which are the following:

Immediate response to your questions or requirements

Specific information about the properties that we have at your disposal.


Detail of our work system.

Connection with each of our productivity areas.

In addition to this, you can contact us through any means of communication of your choice, through our mobile, email or contact form. Our scope and coverage is international, because we make our services a comprehensive proposal.


Request advice in a timely manner

Our work team is trained to advise you on any procedure of your interest, whether it is sale, rental or purchase of properties. We have different forms of acquisition and we have different options so that you have the possibility to opt for any of our opportunities or offers that we have for you in the real estate field.