C. Sánchez Barcaiztegui, 39, Local 2

28007 Madrid

Sale of real estate in Spain

We have managed a large number of experiences through the real estate sales service in Spain. At Soyka Group Management and Real Estate Services you have always been our priority, therefore, the response capacity we have, thinking of meeting your requirements, is strengthened with the greatest security and effectiveness. We have our own financial, legal and after-sales departments, so you will not need to resort to third parties to make the acquisition of any of our real estate offers a reality. Our professionals in charge of the different areas will be able to offer you the advice you need.

Looking for real estate sales in Spain?

Many times we distrust the proposals that real estate companies can offer us, thinking about this reason, we have decided to give our proposal a twist, promoting the fundamental values that are responsible for providing security, trust and usefulness in the development of each one of the processes that intervene at the moment of acquiring some property. Our experience is the reason for all the fidelity that we offer you, because every day we find a purpose to continue betting on what we know how to do the most for your satisfaction.

Our work mechanisms are designed and founded with the idea of delivering a totally satisfactory result in a responsible and honest manner. Here we do not make any progress without your authorization, because we act as defenders of your rights and guide you in everything pertinent to the process of acquiring a property.

We are the most competitive real estate service in the country

We have worked very hard to position ourselves as the best comprehensive purchase and sale service and comprehensive reforms in the real estate sector in the country, because we have the qualities and experience required to carry out these procedures, your security and trust is the primary reason why that we decided to continue carrying the name of our company high. We are pioneers in the real estate sales service in Spain.